Where we are

Piazza Marghinotti 1, Cagliari, on the first floor of the historic palazzo Valdés, Villanova quarter.
Next to the Bastione di Saint Remy in front of the glass elevator that leads to the castle in the historical centre of Cagliari.

D. H. Lawrence “Sea and Sardinia” 1921
Comes over one an absolute necessity to move. And what is more, to move in some particular direction. A double necessity then: to get on the move, and to know whither.
Walking through the streets of the local area, look for the Cathedral in Piazza Palazzo and the Pisan Towers, where you’ll reach the Bastione di Saint Remy. From the terrace of the Bastione, the view spans nearly 360 degrees across the city: on your right, the Gulf of Cagliari and, in front of you, the crowd of coloured roofs which gradually diminish until the Poetto Beach, under the Sella del Diavolo
This is how the English playwright and novelist D. H. Lawrence describes Cagliari which he visited in 1921 on an excursion with his wife.

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Roman amphitheatre = 1 Km
Cagliari Station = 0,7 Km
Citadel of the Museums = 0,5 Km
San Pancrazio Tower = 2 Km
Bastione Santa Croce = 0,1 Km
Town Hall =0,7 Km
Elephant Tower = 0,3 Km
Palazzo Regio = 0,3 Km
Cathedral of Saint Mary = 0,2 Km
Bastione di San Remy = 1 Km
Paleo-christian Basilica of San Saturnino = 1,5 Km
Sanctuary and Basilica of Bonaria =2 Km
Sea Coast “ Su Siccu” = 1 Km
Sea Coast “ Sant'Elmo” = 1 Km
Cagliari Airport - Elmas (LIEE) = 6 Km
International Fair of Sardinia = 2 km
Stadium Sant'Elia, Cagliari = 2 Km
Poetto Beach = 3 Km
Calamosca Beach = 3 Km
Small port “ Marina Piccola” = 3 Km
“Sella del Diavolo” (The Devil’s Saddle) = 3 Km

*The distances are only approximate